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                All our Batteries are manufactured in the USA 
The Battery Brothers specialize in the sale and installation of  new long life heavy duty golf cart batteries.  Our service includes free cable replacement and free removal  and disposal of your old batteries.  Our staff offers quality service and reliable  products you can count on.  In addition, our friendly and  professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our  company or our services.  

The Battery Brothers have been serving  the Florida community since 1999.  We are doing business in "The Villages" and "Central Florida".  We have what you need at prices you can  afford.  Our goal is to provide you with courteous,  expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative regarding our products and services, please       e-mail us at  or  call 352-205-9859.

About our batteries
 In business since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing Co. (Deka Batteries) is  the Worlds Largest Independent Battery Manufacturer with over 2 million sq.  feet under roof on a 490+ acre plant site. We use their top of the line Golf Cart battery exclusively. Check out their link above

   The Battery Brothers customer always comes first. 
Authorized Recycler
for Lead-Acid Batteries
We will pick up and pay for any old batteries for recycling


  • Discount Golf Cart Batteries. golf-cart-sales Save up to 40% Free Delivery and Installation Our Batteries are manufactured in the USA and have a 2 year WarrantyWe are Residents of The Villages Battery Brothers owners have 37+ years battery experience Battery Boys is an authorized Trojan Battery Distributor/Dealer plus we offer our own Battery Boys Signature and Professional Series Batteries We are the experts on your golf cart battery needs and we provide professional and personal services to our local residents come to your house or place of business within The Villages and nearby communities to install new batteries, repair your golf cart, and safely dispose of any old batteries Don't ruin your golf cart batteries by letting them sit not being charged while you go away for months. Don't come back to The Villages and find your golf cart batteries dead ! Now you can maintain that battery charge when you're gone by plugging in the newest technology "SAVE A BATTERY" Battery maintainer We have 36 volt and 48 volt in stock. Just plug it in to your golf cart when you leave and when you return, your batteries will be fresh like you left them. And we now we also have the latest Battery Minders. Battery charger/maintainer/d all in one. These "trickle" chargers are a must to keep your batteries fresh and reduce or eliminate lead plate sulfation which is the number one killer of batteries. Don't leave your expensive batteries unattended when you go back home for months and then return to The Villages to find sulfated dead batteries! repair-listing-1024.aspx adid=1255043824-7490095-0_gs&intcptd=true /golf+cart+accessories.zq.html In addition we stock Battery Minder desulfators without the built in charger. And it only works when your charger is in operation so it won't draw down your batteries! 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